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The Restaurant

Red Bone Alley™ conforms to a tradition of quality ingredients, innovative cooking and low country living. Oh, and a really cool restaurant concept.

Dale Barth understands what makes a restaurant great.

He worked his way through the College of Charleston as a waiter, a bartender, and then a cook.  Though he had studied biology, he dreamed of something else:  Opening a restaurant. 

Delicious, fresh, and innovative dishes…

Friendly, warm, and attentive staff…

A unique, escapist atmosphere for everyone from kids to adults… 

This was the dream of Redbone Alley.

In 1992, Barth dared to take the steps of making that dream possible when he purchased a space that became available in Florence Mall.  He saw that the massive height and open area offered the perfect foundation to bring the outdoor, café experience of Charleston directly to Florence.

After an initial investment of one million dollars, Barth began to transform the empty space of a former department store into something vastly different.  Builders tore off the roof and added another story.  A steel two-story façade flanked and overlooked what would become an imaginary streetscape.  Such changes turned what was once a vacant lot into Barth’s vision of the perfect restaurant.

Barth shared his dream with customers when he opened his restaurant in 1993.  The result was dramatic.

Redbone Alley Restaurant & Bar gave diners in Florence an experience unlike any other.  A back porch with glowing lanterns illuminated customers as they sat for dinner or made their ways to the open atrium.  Children marveled at the old ice cream truck near the patio seating.  People laughed and enjoyed one another’s company over a glass of wine, whether at the downstairs sports bar or in the balcony overlooking the alley.  Charleston artist David Boatwright brought the restaurant to life with his beautiful, lowcountry landscape murals. 

At Redbone Alley, there was something for everyone.

The restaurant was an immediate success.  Delicious food and drinks matched the remarkable atmosphere.  Lines formed at the door, and critics raved about the food and experience.  In only sixty months, the restaurant realized a profit and a complete return on investment.  Dale Barth had seen his dream come to life.

He had named the restaurant after his daughter’s hound, a Red Bone.  Barth eventually opened more restaurants, each with the Redbone Alley name, and each offering an extensive bar, live entertainment, and a clothing line featuring the distinctive Redbone Alley hound.

The food is a fresh and original approach to the regional cuisine of South Carolina.  Closely tied to the land, the sea, and the rivers that abound the region, South Carolinian cuisine is influenced by hundreds of years of French, Mediterranean, African, English, and West Indian cooking.

Dedicated to offering his customers the freshest food possible, Barth and his staff begin every morning with a gathering of the day’s ingredients – produce bought directly from local farmers – which include honey gathered by South Carolinian beekeepers, rice harvested from Darlington county, fish freshly caught from the Atlantic, and the highest quality of aged Western beef flown in daily.

Dale Barth understands what makes a restaurant great.  Come and enjoy Redbone Alley to see for yourself.