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Who We Are

To get a true taste of Red Bone Alley™, you have to know the man in the kitchen. Find out more about Dale Barth, Chef and Owner of Red Bone Alley® Restaurants, and learn a little about our low-country philosophy on life.

Dale Barth

Dale’s philosophy for preparing great food is the same in his restaurant and his home – “Keep it fresh, simple and downright good.”

Favorite Past Time:
“Fishin’, huntin’ and readin’!” (Dale reads cookbooks as if they were novels, and he’s written three of his own).

Best Childhood Memory:
“My father was a doctor and we had a house of three boys. My mother died when I was only seven, and soon after, my father adopted two more children. He also helped many, many others through school along the way. In his off time, he was president of the Big Brothers & Big Sisters Association of South Carolina. No matter what, every night we sat down together and ate great food and had great conversation. Dinners had the six of us, PLUS! That memory is such a good feeling and it is probably the main influence on why I opened a restaurant instead of continuing my pre-med studies!”

Favorite Place:
Home. South Carolina is my “Heaven on Earth.”

Ideal Night:
At home with family and friends, preparing and enjoying a great meal and camaraderie. “Cooking is an approachable event – something everyone can do and have fun with.”

Red Bone Alley was named for Dale's daughter's Redbone Coonhound, Clementine. Clem embodied the slow moving, quick-witted style that every true Southerner portrays.

At Red Bone Alley, we enjoy life. Spending time with family and friends is our idea of nirvana. But the good life can make a person hungry for good food. We believe that the key to any great meal is great ingredients. You have to be a darn good cook to take bad ingredients and make a great meal out of them. That's why we use only the finest ingredients in our products. To help you easily prepare a perfect meal and get you out of the kitchen and back to spending time with the ones you love.